My 1st Indie Feature Film #CraftyKittens @ShawnPGreene

A Step of Faith

I am so proud to announce I have begun the process of producing my very first independent feature film called CRAFTY KITTENS. The idea was given to me around April 2016 and has been a nagging thought since. I’ve been chewing on the thought of making this idea into a film almost everyday through November 2016. I finally began writing the script after making accuses why I can’t do this, mostly the financial reasons, like everyone else. I’ve got a scene written and shoot the teaser on Sunday Morning December 18, 2016 in South Buffalo.

PLEASE, if you can support, I have a GoFundMe campaign for anyone willing to donate or invest in the project. Read more on the official page of the project [CRAFTY KITTENS].


Follow Shawn on Twitter @ShawnPGreene and Instagram @ShawnPGreene


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